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Additional Information


  • Advertising should not be done until there is an approved and signed license obtained from the Facility Rentals Office.
  • Promotions and advertising must not be presented in such a way that the District is seen to endorse or be connected to the organization or specific activities of the event. The District’s facility name can only appear as a location for the event.
  • Flyers are not permitted to be left at the school or distributed to parents or students without prior approval.

Access to the Facility

  • The license holder and attendees may only access the facility during the license period. The license holder or event supervisor may not enter the facility more than 5 minutes before the start of the license period. Attendees are provided access to the building after the arrival of the license holder or event supervisor.
  • The finish time is when all attendees must be out of the school. Ensure your program end with enough time for cleanup and exit the school by the finished time so either another user group can occupy the space, or the custodial staff can attend to cleaning the area for student use the following day.
  • License holders will not be provided with a key to the facility. On the first day of rental participants can check in at the front of the school to gain access from district personnel. All doors are to remain closed, do not prop doors open as this put’s renters and staff at risk unless security personnel or a group volunteer is placed at the door who confirms every person that enters the building is part of the rental group.


  • Unless otherwise stated in the license, the license includes non-exclusive use of the facility’s parking lot. The License Holder must ensure that attendees park in designated stalls as indicated by pre-painted lines.
  • The supervision of the parking is the responsibility of the licensee.
  • Do not block exterior garbage, recycling and organics bins. Additional fees may be charged to the licensee if participants block bins.
  • Do not block or impede access to fire lanes, exits and parking lot gates.


  • The on-site supervisor is responsible for the attendees for the entire duration of the booking, including minors being picked up by an adult or guardian. No minor should be left unattended or in the care of District staff.
  • All on-site supervisors must be on time for all bookings. If something unforeseeable should occur, the instructor will be responsible to notify the program owner (if applicable) and the Facility Rentals Office immediately by phone (604-668-6036).
  • The designated space must be left in the exact same condition it was in at the start of the license period, including condition and placement of furniture and equipment and to ensure there is no damage inflicted to the areas used.
  • Be sure to take all your items at the end of the booking time, dispose of garbage and recycling in the appropriate bins. There should be no evidence of your presence or that you ever occupied the space. The storage of items on site is not permitted.

General Expectations

  • All attendees are to wear clean, non-marking footwear inside the facility, no exceptions.
  • The licensee is responsible for providing all material required during the rental. All signs and items brought in by the licensee and participants must be removed at the end of the booking. Cost to remove remaining items will be charged to the Licensee.
  • The licensee program must be self-sufficient and not use or rely on the school’s phones, office or staff, network, internet, computers, photocopiers, or office supplies.
  • The license includes non-exclusive use of the hallways needed to access the designated space and designated washrooms or washrooms closest to the designated space.
  • The license holder shall maintain the designated space, including hallways and washrooms accessed by attendees, in a sanitary, tidy, and safe condition.
  • Attendees must not block corridors, stairwells or exits at any time during use of the facility.
  • The license includes non-exclusive use of designated washrooms or washrooms closest to the designated space. The license holder and attendees are only permitted to access washrooms designated by School District staff.
  • Attendees of the user groups are to remain in their designated areas only and stay away from any maintenance on-going at a site during a rentals period. If maintenance is infringing on the licensee’s rental area, please contact the Facility Rentals Office immediately.

Furniture and Equipment

  • The license holder is permitted to use whatever furniture is in the Designated Space, such as desks, chairs, benches, tables, and lights. The license holder and attendees are prohibited from touching, moving, using personal and staff items that may be in the designated space such as pens, paper, notebooks, projects, student, or staff work in progress or completed.
  • The license holder and their attendees must not erase writing that is on whiteboards or chalkboards at the facility. A license holder may write or draw on whiteboards or chalkboards located in the designated space, provided it does not disturb pre-existing writing. No obscene words, gestures or objects are permitted to be written or drawn at any time, nor any content of a violent or illegal nature or any material contrary to the BC Human Rights Code. All writing or drawing done by the license holder, or their attendees must be removed at the end of each license period.
  • Use of other School District equipment and supplies such as art supplies, books, toys, paper, pencils, pens, sports equipment, nets, balls, pinnies, cones, audio visual equipment, computers, telephones, photocopies, or fax machines, is not permitted unless otherwise stated on the license or approved in writing by the School District.
  • If the license holder will be moving School District furniture or equipment, the license holder is required to take photos before and after each use to ensure and document that furniture and equipment has been returned to the same location and condition it was in at the start of the license period.
  • The School District is not responsible for any property, equipment or supplies brought to the facility by the license holder or any attendee. All property, equipment, or supplies including any signs brought to the facility by the license holder or any attendees must be removed at the end of each license period, unless otherwise approved in writing by the School District.
  • If items not approved to stay at the facility are not removed at the end of the license period, the School District will remove and dispose of those items and costs for removal and disposal will be charged to the license holder. The license holder and attendees will have no rights to claim damages or losses against the School District related to the removal of items left at the facility at the end of a license period.

After Hours Emergency Preparedness

  • The license holder must ensure they meet all relevant government, governing body and WorkSafe BC requirements for first aid training and supplies while at the Facility. Access to the School District’s medical supplies is not permitted and the License holder should make no assumption that the School District will provide any first aid in relation to their event or activity.
  • When using District facilities, the following emergency planning steps shall be agreed to, and adhered with, should an event occur and impact the facility or surrounding community. It is further agreed that the licensee shall appoint an event supervisor that will be responsible for coordinating and communicating actions and information required under a response scenario.

Scenario Fire - Expectations and Response

  • On first arrival, and of the agreed area(s) of use, identify and familiarize yourself with primary and alternate routes of evacuation posted at the facility. Provide directions on these routes to the attendees.
  • On activation of the fire alarm, mandatory evacuation is required, and re-entry is not allowed until Richmond Fire Services provides approval. See exception below under Lockdown.
  • If evacuation is required, the Event Supervisor shall confirm all individuals have evacuated and report that confirmation outside to the custodian, if he/she is on site, immediately.
  • If a fire is discovered:
    • Leave the area immediately.
    • Close doors behind you.
    • Activate the fire alarm from the closest pull station.

Scenario Lockdown - Expectations and Response

  • Should there be a threat within the facility that would require a lockdown:
    • Stop all activities.
    • Close and secure doors if possible.
    • Gather participants in an area out of sight of windows and doors.
    • Remain silent.
    • If possible, turn the lights off.
    • Maintain the above until Richmond RCMP has terminated lockdown.
    • Exception: During a Lockdown; disregard fire alarm unless there is immediate danger of smoke or fire.

Scenario Hold & Secure - Expectations and Response

  • Should there be a threat within the community:
    • Remain within your designated area(s) and follow the direction of the onsite District staff.
    • If that person cannot be found or the situation appears concerning or dangerous, call 911 immediately.
    • In some cases, access to the facility may not be permitted.
    • Stay in the sheltered area until safe to evacuate or instructed to do so.