SD38 Facilities Services

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Board Policy

Board Policy 804.1 - Community Use of School Facilities states "The Board of Education encourages community use of District facilities consistent with the values and philosophy of the District. In particular, the Board supports using District facilities to enhance access to licensed childcare that practices the guiding principles of early learning, equity, inclusivity, Indigenous reconciliation, and advances a more holistic system of education."

Most facilities are available for rental and include multipurpose rooms, libraries, foyers, and gymnasia. Classrooms can only be requested in secondary schools and are subject to approval. In general, the facilities are available for community use after 5:00pm for elementary schools and 6:00 pm for secondary schools.

Facilities are also available weekends; however, an additional custodial charge is added in order to provide opening and closing, security, and custodial services. Weekend rental is subject to a four-hour minimum.

The rental rates vary according to user group classification, the type of facility required, and whether additional custodial time is necessary.