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Capital Plan

School districts’ annual Five-Year Capital Plan submissions are used to inform the selection of priority capital projects for the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s following fiscal year.  They also provide the Ministry insight into future year priorities that are used in longer term capital planning.

The Capital Plan contains a roster of major capital projects proposed to be implemented over a five-year period starting in the next Provincial fiscal year:

  • Seismic Mitigation Program (SMP)
  • School Expansion Program (EXP)
  • School Replacement Program (REP)
  • Rural Districts Program (RDP)

as well as minor capital projects proposed to be implemented in the next Provincial fiscal year:

  • School Enhancement Program (SEP)
  • Carbon Neutral Capital Program (CNCP)
  • Bus Replacement Program (BUS)
  • Playground Equipment Program (PEP)

and finally, the Building Envelope Program (BEP)

As a pre-requisite to the MOE considering its Five-Year Capital Plan submission, the Board of Education must have an Long Range Facilities Plan in place for its district that lays out management strategies for its inventory of capital assets in support of educational programming goals.

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