SD38 Facilities Services

The home of the Facilities Services Division and Richmond Project Team

Branch Contacts

Facilities Services Team


Richmond Project Team

Steve Ahluwalia

Manager, Facilities Administration
Melissa Ang

Manager, Facilities Planning
Umur Olcay

Assistant Manager, Planning
Joseph Balderston

Project Manager
Jose Pelayo

Seismic Liaison
Mike Charlton

Administrative Assistant
Charmaine Yip

Executive Director (Retired)
Frank Geyer


Facilities Services Division

Kris Wilkins

Manager, Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance
Randy Clark

Manager, Maintenance Planning & Improvements
Steve Jones

Manager, Transportation, Assets & Safety
Joel Canlas

Manager, Operations & Rentals
Cintha Winters

Assistant Manager, Operations & Rentals
Aries Argao

Manager, Energy & Sustainability
Jonathan Ho

Energy Specialist
Travis Wong

Office Coordinator
Lisa Wiley

Executive Director (Retired)
Frank Geyer