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Filming - Booking Space

To rent space in schools or on district property for filming, please contact the Facility Rentals Office at or call 604-668-6036 providing the details of the days, times, and spaces you are looking for.

The Facility Rentals Office will assist in finding possible appropriate locations and will set up appointments to view potential sites where desired. Filming staff must identify themselves at the school office, wear a visitor badge, and receive permission from the school administration to view specific areas.

Once a location has been confirmed, the film company must complete the Application for Filming (coming soon) and send it to the Facility Rentals Office at  The application must be received a minimum of ten (10) business days before the first requested date of use.

The Facility Rentals Office will prepare a rental contract based on the application and will forward it to the film company by email.

Prior to the first day of use of the site, the film company will provide:

  • A copy of the rental contract signed by a legally authorized signatory on behalf of the film company.
  • Payment in full for the rental contract.
  • Payment of any required damage deposit as outlined in the rental contract.
  • A copy of the film company’s insurance documents confirming insurance that meets district criteria is in effect.
  • A copy of the script.