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Long Range Facilities Plan

A District-wide Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) forms the basis for capital investment decisions in school facilities. 

An LRFP should take into consideration:

  • educational program requirements and trends;             
  • current and 10-15 year projections in enrolments, and community demographics;
  • operating capacities, utilization and condition of existing facilities, including temporary accommodation and/or rental facilities
  • current and anticipated changes in land use;
  • future trends or anticipated new initiatives, including both those of the school district and the government; and
  • transportation of students

with the fundamental premise of a LRFP being to provide a mechanism for school districts to demonstrate they are managing their facilities in an effective, economic and efficient way in support of their educational goals.

With regard to the Ministry of Education, the LRFP should provide rationale for specific capital projects that are proposed as part of the District’s Five-Year Capital Plan, and should assist in the determination of the Ministry’s Annual Facility Grant allocations to the District. 

The LRFP should also provide a District-wide framework for key local decisions, such as such as catchment area changes, locations for District programs, repurposing surplus District facilities, potential school closure and consolidations, and maintenance priorities.  The LRFP should outline concrete plans for a ten-year planning horizon with more general considerations for the longer term.  The scope and emphasis of each school district LRFP may vary depending upon the specific circumstances and priorities of that school district.

Work on the LRFP began in earnest in March 2018 with a review of the District’s physical assets (lands and buildings), school boundaries and program locations. The process has included the gathering and analysis of data, developing and testing strategies and gathering feedback from numerous workshops so that strategic directions could be established.  A public engagement website was launched on 19 February 2019 to ensure that the Richmond community understands the concepts, issues and proposals related to facilities planning. The website delivered multiple opportunities to provide input into the plan.

The Richmond Board of Education approved the Long Range Facilities Plan at a Special Meeting 26 June 2019, and approved the 2021 Update at a Public Meeting 24 November 2021.

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