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Rental Rates

Schedule of Charges for Use of District Facilities

  1. School facilities shall be provided free of charge to Richmond school/parent groups, and to Richmond organizations and community groups meeting for the purpose of holding municipal or civic meetings.
  2. Facilities will be provided free of charge for Richmond School District employees’ unions and associations for meetings and social events on the understanding that custodial services will be paid for by those groups.
  3. Non-commercial rates apply to Richmond non-profit and non-commercial groups and organizations. Not included in Clauses 1 or 2 above, e.g., Richmond religious organizations, Richmond groups offering educational services and Richmond sporting or community organizations not booking through the City of Richmond Community Services Division.
  4. Commercial rates apply to commercial groups and organizations, non-Richmond based groups and organizations using school facilities for social and other types of events. Family orientated booking requests may qualify for non-commercial rates only if Richmond based.
  5. Bookings are for a minimum of one hour, on-the-hour by-the-hour is encouraged to provide maximum opportunity for bookings. Any requested spaces must be booked for the full duration of time rented.
  6. Rental charges for all childcares will not exceed the direct and indirect costs incurred and to be incurred by the Board in making the board property available to the childcare operator. A rate of $9.50 per hour of occupancy per facility shall be charged. This applies to the usage of the following areas: dedicated childcare facility, classroom, multi-purpose room, kitchen, and gymnasium only.
  7. Where the services of a rental custodian are required, there is a 3-hour minimum for weekdays and 4-hour minimum for weekends.
  8. Additional service fees may apply, e.g., damage caused, trade personnel callout, etc.
  9. All charges are subject to 5% GST.

2023/2024 Rental Rates

Space Non-commercial Commercial
Hourly Rates    
Gymnasium (Secondary) $55.00 $151.00
Large Foyer/Rotunda/Theatre $49.00 $113.00
Gymnasium (Elementary) $49.00 $113.00
Multipurpose Room/Library (Elementary) $49.00 $113.00
Cafeteria without Teaching Kitchen $49.00 $113.00
Change Room/Showers $49.00 $61.00
Classroom/Small Foyer $24.00 $43.00
Kitchen $24.00 $43.00
Daily Rates    
Parking Lot (Daily Rate) $473.00 $1,050.00
Movie Shoot - Exterior N/A $1,313.00
Movie Shoot - Interior N/A $3,675.00








Custodial Charges

Hourly Rate
Rental Custodian - Daycares $31.00
Rental Custodian - Other Groups $38.00

Other Services

Space Non-commerical Commercial
Chair Rental (each, daily rate) $1.00 $1.00
Table Rental (each, daily rate) $8.00 $8.00
Table & Chair Delivery (Flat Rate) $105.00 $142.00