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Student Transportation

Transportation Department Contacts

School Days: 6:00am to 4:30pm

5200 River Road, Richmond, BC V7C 1A4
Phone: 604-668-7838

  • Joel Canlas - Manager of Transportation, Assets & Safety
  • Darren Mann – Transportation Coordinator
  • Amy Huang - Transportation Office Support


District Policy 522 states:

"To assist eligible students to attend public school, a school board may, under the School Act, provide for and pay all or part of the cost of conveyance for students who live a considerable distance from the school they attend.

The Board of Education of the Richmond School District, while recognizing that it is not required to provide bus transportation to bring students to and from school, nevertheless will, within the provisions of the School Act and the Regulation, make provision for school bus transportation or transportation assistance within Regulations that it approves and Guidelines that may be established by the Superintendent of Schools."

Eligible Riders

Regular school bus transportation will normally be provided free of charge to:

  • A primary (K-3) student residing more than 4.0 km from his/her catchment area school; or
  • A student in Grades 4 - 12 residing more than 4.8 km from his/her catchment area school.

These distances shall be measured by the nearest passable road from a public school in which there is a grade and placement for the student(s).

A student with a physical or mental handicap that prevents him/her from travelling to and from school safely by personal or public transportation may qualify for bus transportation or transportation assistance. The Superintendent or designate will determine when such arrangements are to be made under the advice of the student's physician and/or the district medical health officer. Whenever it is reasonable to do so, making the student independent of this special assistance will be an element of the Individual Education Plan.

Registration Process

The annual registration process opens after Spring Break. Eligible Riders MUST have the application completed by May 1st so we can organize and place students before September start. 

A courtesy rider is a student registered in the Richmond School District who is granted transportation to and from school despite being neither eligible as defined above nor subject to a Board resolution. Courtesy riders are approved, upon application, by the Superintendent or designate. While the District cannot guarantee applicants will be awarded a seat, courtesy applications will be put onto waitlist. If seats remain available once the eligible students have been placed, the process to award seats will begin after Labour Day and courtesy riders will be advised beginning October 1st. 

Schedules will be emailed to parents one (1) week before school starts in September. Families are responsible for providing transportation for their child to and from school until a seat may be awarded.

All LATE applications received after May 1st will be processed after Labour Day.

Click on the applicable bus below to complete the online application form:

For standard bus service

Students With Special Needs